New! Facebook And Twitter Features: [How to use] Subscribe, Facebook List, Twitter Analytics and more

it’s not always easy finding the time to keep up with the latest social media news, so here’s a recap of the major news these past two weeks for Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook Subscribe Button

Similar to Twitter Followers, people can now subscribe to your Facebook profile posts. But don’t worry, those who subscribe to your feed but aren’t friends can only see the posts that you mark as ‘public’. They can also filter the types of posts they want to see from you.  This is great if you have a personal profile separate from your business page, but are looking to build your personal brand image.

Facebook Friends And Smart Lists

Facebook has followed in the steps of Google Circles, and created Smart Lists to help you manage your Friends lists. These lists are created automatically, based on common profile information between you and your friends, such as common workplace, school, city etc. You can add or remove friends from each list manually.  Then just click on a list and you’ll see post from people in that list only.

You can also add people to “Close Friends” and “Aquaintances” Lists. You’ll see all the posts of people in your “Close Friends” lists., and less of the posts of those in your “Aquaintances” Lists.


See who shared your posts

This is great for businesses wanting to know who they’re main contributors are. Click on “View all shares” link your Facebook posts.


Facebook News Feed: See What Matters at the Top

You now have the option to see the most interesting stories at the top. All posts with a blue mark indicate it is a top story. Just click on see the top news stories.


Twitter Web Analytics

Over the next few weeks, Twitter will be rolling out their new Twitter tool Web Analytics. This should help provide some clarity to website owners who rely on the information network for content distribution.


The 3 key benefits of this new Twitter tool according to Twitter will be:

  1. “Understand how much your website content is being shared across the Twitter network
  1. 2.       See the amount of traffic Twitter sends to your site
  2. 3.       Measure the effectiveness of your Tweet Button integration”


Improved Facebook and Twitter connection

Previously Facebook only allowed automatic twitter posts from Facebook pages, but now it is planning to let any Facebook user to automatically have their public comments tweeted. Just use the new Facebook tool and provided your privacy setting are set to public, these post will automatically be tweeted to Twitter.

And watch out for a major Facebook re-design coming soon including an extension of their Like button and a major push towards social commerce.

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Many facebook users are not happy with the implementation of facebooks new features recently released.


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